Case Submission Form
1. Adapted from the Interstate Commission for Juveniles (ICJ). 2. This purpose of this form is to provide an opportunity for the Commissioner or their designee, to share best practices and unique cases experienced under the Military Interstate Compact. Information provided will be shared among member states to support understanding and accommodations made under the Compact. 3. Submissions accepted from Commissioners - Designees only. 4. The form: i. Is not mandatory ii. Queries if the Commissioner was involved or contacted on the case 5. Cases will be vetted for appropriateness/applicability 6. Info provides: i. The opportunity to learn how states are implementing the Compact ii. Examples of effective problem solving iii. Identifies unique cases and outcomes that Commissioners may reference 7. The intent of this form is NOT to collect active cases from parents or complaints. If an active case is received, the national office will follow the current protocol and forward the case to the appropriate Commissioner(s). (Though do parents call/email the national office directly) Note: Information will also be used for case studies and training. (like ICJ)

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