Barbara Clemmer

Primary Points Of Contact

Barbara Clemmer

MIC3 Program Coordinator

Department of Education

333 Market Street

Harrisburg, PA  17126, ph 717.425.5728

secondary Point Of Contact


Compact Commissioner

Dr. Kraig Kiehl, Program Coordinator, State Commissioner


Chief State School Officer

Pedro A. Rivera, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Education


Military Family Education Liaison

Barbara Clemmer


Military/DoD Representative



State Council Members

Barbara Clemmer, Commissioner Designee


Pedro A. Rivera, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Education


Stuart Knade, General Counsel, Pennsylvania School Board Association


Lykesia P. Truss, School Liaison Officer, Carlisle Barracks, Department of the Army


Lindsay Fontana, School Liaison Officer, NWS Earle & Naval Support Activity, Mechanicsburg/Philadelphia, Department of the Navy


state website

Military Family Information



Interstate Compact in Pennsylvania Statute



Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3)

1776 Avenue of the States

Lexington, KY 40511


Phone: 859-244-8000  | Fax: 859-244-8001